Davis Absolute and Doc Jones - Same Ol' Thing

from by Doc Jones



Doc Jones verse:
2006 I moved to Vegas, Yankee boy was born a playa
since the genesis 80's baby play more games than sega
lotto paper, crazy spending, party jumped you know in it
Shorty fine you know i'm finna train her up an now she tipping
thought I ruled the world, when in fact it ruled my thoughts
In the deep end of a pool of greed pretend to be a boss.
revolving door of money coming going i was spinning
on my hinges left me dizzy falling over too much drinking
and driving dui they locked me up and took my license
could of hit somebody innocent crash and take a life man
this life aint what you thinking don't be fooled by television
take it from me telling wisdom for you I hope you listen
but you gon learn the hard way, don't wind up like scarface
look back feeing sorry for wasting time on parties
Satan wants to steal and kill destroy you with his schemes
when Jesus gives you life abundantly beyond your dreams


from #52Tuesdays - The First Half, released January 1, 2013
Produced by DJ Corbett


all rights reserved