Who I Am (Album) 2010

by Doc Jones

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The debut album from Gospel Rap artist Doc Jones. 12 diverse tracks that take you on the journey as Christ became the Lord of his life.


released December 7, 2010

Doc Jones, Triv Mac, Jay Mac, Alma Banks, JGivens, Rodney, Mike Rayburn, Marian Penick



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Track Name: Amazing Grace
Its a new day, new night, new man, new light, new perspective on living God's gift of a new life
Track Name: Who I Am (Single)
"I spent my whole life never knowing the lord, Idolizing money always counting the score, hes knockin at my heart never answered the door, I was too busy sinning unsatisfied for more." You Made me Who I Am
Track Name: Love You Jesus
"He will lead you on a journey doing God's work, take you round the world frontlining concerts, 10,000 stars all in converse, shining like a beacon the word we converse. Jesus is the reason Im alive today, back from the dead got lives to save."
Track Name: Holy Ghost
"This the beat that make ya walk on water, Praise his name and give thanks to the father."
Track Name: Try Me ft Alma
Try me, buy me, yall sound so whiney, The Lord says seek me and yes you will find me. everything else is just a plot to distract me, satans in the back seat plus he know I pack heat, yeah son, got Christ riding shotgun, always on my side, my top gun, You got one?
Track Name: Get That Cash
90% of the world don't have a pot to piss in, eyes glued to the tube lusting video vixens, clean waters a privilege, holiness is an image, the war is full grown this is no longer a scrimmage.